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April 30, 2009
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Obsessed by ancestorsrelic Obsessed by ancestorsrelic
"The serpent crams itself with animal life that is often warm and vibrant, to prolong an existence in which we detect no joy and no emotion.
It reveals the depth to which evolution can sink when it takes the downward path and strips animals to the irreducible minimum able to perpetuate a predatory life in its naked horror.
(Alexander F. Skutch, Ornithologist and Naturalist Writer)

"I wanted a army and what get i? Some doctor from the university! Hey, whats going on here? That's not meaned to insult you, but i have a real, a deadly problem here, not something harmless phenomena to investigate." said officer Fernando Lopez, "I need someone to KILL this thing!"
"Why is everything what we don't understand called a thing?" answered Lydia Yagelovsk.
"Mrs. Yagelovsk, don't get me wrong. But what will you do against this monster?"
"Nothing. I will only try to find and to examine it. It is a unique chance! And when i recieved your photo and this shed skin, i was mesmerized. Such a fascinating animal. It seems to be really a male specimen... Unfortunately the shedded skin was not complete, parts of the cloaca with the skin-parts from the hemipenes and larger spurs -when it is a male- were missed, so i wasn't able to determinate his gender only by the shed skin. Normally no male anaconda grows so big, only the female ones, but i must investigate this point further. Maybe it is a unknown, a ancient sub-species of Eunectes Murinus or a sucessor of the extinct Titanoboa. Why did you want to kill such a unique specimen?"
"Hey!" shouted Lopez: "Did you saw the photo of Ricardo Nunez? You told me, you saw the photo! So why the hell i want to kill it? Shall i feed it further? Shall i sacrify maidens to it? What do you think? This beast is a maneater!"
"I really understand the natives who worshipped it as a mighty god! It's a predator, yes, a beautiful, a wonderful, an absolutely perfect predator!" answered Lydia Yagelovsk.
"Mr. Nunez had this fact surely recognized too as he get slowly suffocated."
"Nope, not only simply suffocated... He experienced a fascinating way to die on multible levels: First the shock as the hunter seized and coiled him in a few seconds... and as Mr. Nunez exhaled, Sucuriju tighten his coils around his chest and abdomen so he wasn't able to inhale again, but the increasing pressure interupted his blood-circulation very fast too, destroyed a lot of veins and arteries, let his intestines burst, inner bleedings followed... and he must have got a stonehard erection... Sounds bizarre... but it's caused by the blood that was pressed into the blood-vessels of his penis... and his testicles had swell up to twice as big as its normal size too. Can you imagine this? He losed the last controls of his muscles, uncontrolled urinating and defaecation in a last spasm followed as he lost his consciousness... But it wasn't over now... His eyeballs bulged out, his heart had started to beat faster and faster but it wasn't able to pump his blood until a cardiac arrest..."

"Damn! Lady!! Are you mad or what?! This poor guy get killed!! Killed and eaten by this beast! And before him a lot of young women too... And you talk something about a perfect specimen and a fascinating dead and something sick about his last erection!" scolded Lopez now.
"You don't understand" answered the young doctor "It was only hungry, and so it hunted down a victim. It did not distinguish between a human or an animal. It needs only meat. We humans are not always at the top of the food-chain. This species is millions of years older than us. For this reptile we are only food, squealing furless monkeys, it is an ancient hunter spezialized to prey on mammals like us, it is one of the... "
Lopez interrupted the young woman again "Lady! This beast eat ladies! If you want to go into the jungle to get eaten, go! You have my permission and the permission of your university to get turned into snake food!"
"Maybe" answered Lydia Yagelovsk "It must be a fascinating experience to die in his coils and to feel how this perfect predator exactly kill his victims. When i was forced to choose the way how i must die, i would surely choose Sucurijus coils! The only thing i regret is that i would not be able to observe how i get devoured and the following digestive process of my body too. As i said, it is a perfect predator, it wasted nothing and used all of its prey, including hair, skin, bones, even theeth... All will be digested. In my eyes it would be a honour being a victim of this.... gorgeous, wonderful god!"

Lopez get more and more impatient with this mad scientist. He said "Hey, Lady, see that? That's how it comes out!" and he put a photo of Cristine van Dyke together with the remains of her shoes on the table. He pointed on the photo: "This is... this were Christine Van Dyke, a young girl, 18 years old..." then he pointed on the shoes: "And this... this is Christine Van Dyke now!"
"Wow!" answered Dr. Yagelovsk, mesmerized by the shoes... "Look! Synthetic filaments and plastic! The reptile was not able to digest it! And the soles, did you saw the soles? They were made of some kind of rubber... all the chemical agents to made them flexible are washed out... And they are hard and shrunken now. "
She took a look on the photo and mumbled "Nice girl, but..." and turned the photo over: "Ah, here: Christine van Dyke, 1.55 meters tall, weight 50 Kg... and you found the shoes... or first the one shoe... 4 days after Miss Van Dyke get eaten? Did you know, what this mean..??"
"Yes!" answred Lopez "A young, carelss, beautiful girl that wanted only some recreational holydays get killed and eaten by this monster!"
"And she get completely digested in only about 4 days! After he had digested his victim, Sucuriju had regurgitated all indigestible things, including the shoes! That's phantastic! What an efficient digestive system and metabolism... digesting 50 Kg of food in only 4 days!"
"FOOD!!??" Now Lopez get really angry and started to get loud "FOOD!!?? Your... food was a human, a young woman with friends, dreams, a future, a own life! And you called her food?"

Now Lydia Yagelovsk started to get angry too: "Hey! I can understand that you look from the sentimental side on this case. Bu i am a scientist an i have to look... i must look on it without any prejudice and to take note only of the facts!" answered Dr. Yagelovsk. "The facts are: Sucuriju is a big predator. A lot of his natural prey is extinct in this area and he was forced to find a new kind of prey to survive. When this hotel was build, he got literally presented a larder... filled with good prey... and he simply took out what he need... only all few months one of this rich, spoiled and careless chicks who thought the jungle is Disneyland!
And look at this arrogant, rich photomodel, Naomi Charleston or Carleton if i remember it right... taking a bath in the river, hundreds of meters away from the save village! How stupid was this uptown-girl?? So what? Hey, Sucuriju, i warn you! Don't kill and eat me! I will call all my lawyers and sue you if you try it. I am sooo rich and sooo famous!?"
Dr. Yagelovsk slammed her fist on the table. Lopez was really surprised about this turning of the discussion.
"And you know what? There are no expensive and famous lawyers in the jungle to defence arrogant supermodels... there exist only the one, eternal law: Eat and get eaten! And the only lawsuit in the jungle are Sucurijus coils! And Nunez, this damn moron of a reporter... he entered the serpents hunting-ground more than a half year after it had hunted down its last large prey! So what he did expected? He encountered a damn hungry reptile... Ohh... wait... you are hungry? I will call the pizza-service for you!"

"Okay, Lady, you told me your point and i can't stop you to offer yourself as the next meal to this beast." answered Lopez, "but i please you to be careful and to take this with you." and give a gun in and a gun-belt to Dr. Yagelovsk.
"You forget, it had recently eaten." ansered the woman. "It must be very sluggish now, maybe i will find it? Digesting is a hard work for its metabolism, especially after such a big meal. It would not move very much but laying around somewhere, resting and sunbathing. This creatures have a very enviable lazy lifestyle: Doing 95% in her life almost nothing, and only 5% hunting and eating." answered Dr. Yagelovsk...

"Weak Signal... again. Must find some point without too many treetops over me... not easy in the jungle" mumbled Lydia Yagelovsk as she took a view on her GPS-device.
She must be somewhere close to the ancient ruins who were a attraction for the tourists... but then Sucuriju took over the part of the most thrilling tourist-attraction. Now the hotel was guarded by a electrical fence and the daily visits of the ruins were canceled too... it was too dangerous in the jungle due the new, scaly tourist-attraction.
The result was that the ruins were undisturbed again now since they was build more than hundreds, maybe even thousands years ago. In a few years the jungle would overgrowing them again at it was for countless of years before too.
No one knewed what civilzation had build this temple in spite that it was already discovered more than 100 years ago. On the first view its style looked like a Mayan temple, but the Maya never lived in Brazil, only in central america, and a lot of details of the temple were totally different from the Mayan or Aztec style or the styles of every other known ancient civilization of North- Central- or South-America. The inscriptions remembered to Mayan or Aztec hyroglyphs too, but it was like comparing greek fonts and kyrillic fonts... they looked someweat similar on the first view, but were totally different. It simple didn't fit into the established theories of the archeologists, and so the majority avoided it to examine it closer or try to encode the unknown inscriptions. Simple ignore what did not fit into the theories that you can find in the books... Some called this building "A painstaking pimple on the ass of the established archeology" and a lot of conspiration theories about UFO´s, Atlantis, the lost civilization of the Amazon and much more made it only easier for the so called serious archeologists to ignore it.

Lydia climbed up a large rock to get a better GPS signal, but as she reached the flat top of the rock, she saw the ruins already. "Hey, i was only 100 meters away from it and... Ohh myy god! No! That's impossible! That can't be true...!" she gasped suddenly.
She saw something laying at the steps of the ancient temple and carefully she laid down on the rock and with trembling hands she raised her binocular...
"Ohhhh my gooood..." she whispered again "You are so beautiful! You are so awesome!"
In less than two hours she had found Sucuriju. And for her it was as sign of heaven, that she found her object of interest so fast. The giant reptile rested in a bright spot of the early morning sun to warm up.

"Ohhh... Goood... Yes, you are indeed a god! A god in his sacred temple... 8, no, 9, maybe 10 meters! You must be 10 meter long!"
Lydia grasped her telescope to take a closer look now, and as she took a look trough the ocular, she mumbled "What's that bulge? Oh... i forgot, this foolish reporter... you teached him a lesson about the laws of the jungle, did you? What a fine meal! And you have already digested most of him, i see... Oh, your divine metabolism... you need to leaved be alone to digest... what did this fool weight? 90 Kilograms? Ohhh... you catched fine prey! Only parts of some bigger bones like his spine, the pelvis-bone, the leg-bones must be remained in your stomach now... and until tomorrow you will have dissolved them too."

For more than a hour she observed the resting serpent now... obsessed, excited, enthusiastic. In only about 5-7 days 2/3 of Ricardo Nunez' body was digested. 90 Kilograms of flesh and bones. This was incredible. Coiled up Sucurju rested in the sun, his head with the sluggish flickering tongue layed on the bulge of his body... sometimes he moved a little and kneaded the bulge in his body with rhythmic movements of some muscles for a better digestion.
Lydia Yagelovsk watched trembling in excitement every detail of Sucurijus massive body, his shimmering scales, rolling muscles, his eyes, the bulky head who must be at least 25 centimetres long and 16 centimetres broad. What a specimen!
And the incredible bulge in the serpents body that showed the transformation of Ricardo Nunez into some kind of pulp wich will be further digested in the reptiles intestines. Lydia remembered Mr. Nunez' clothing he had weared on his last photo... tomorrow or maybe already in the night the predator will regurgitate the indigestible parts of it... the rubber-soles of the shoes, the belt-buckle of the pants... the shirt and pants he may digest too... if they were made of cotton or wooven fabric... and in a few weeks Mr. Nunez would leave the intestines of the scaly hunter too... as a few kilograms of excrements!

"You are a perfect specimen, a perfect predator... we humans are only furless monkeys in your amber colored eyes. Squealing prey, food. But i won't regret it if i would get hunted down and devoured by you... you are awesome! I must get closer to you and take some photos of you... you know? It has a divine reason that i found you here... that i found you so fast. You are fed up now and would not hurt me... wouldn't you...?"

Carefully she climbed down the rocks... she had to getting closer to Sucuriju...!


Okay, this is the start of another short series within the Sucuriju-series. And it was again born out of an inspiration be another artist. CauldronBorn24 mentioned it in Sept./Oct. 2008: Well while your pet may suffer from a food shortage due to a tourist problem what if his next victim was a bit more willing? Say a herpetologist finds Sucuriju resting and decides to get a much closer look, in a moment of pure lust puts herself into a postion where Sucuriju can give her a hug to both her and his enjoyment...
Hey, this was a damn good idea and there is much more in it than only for one or two works... so i decided, that Sucuriju wasn't hungry now, but Lydia Yagelovsk started to slip into Sucurijus mesmerizing spell...
I guess, after all the last adventures, our scaly friend deserved a little break again... He had a big guy to digest, and this will took awile.

Technical side:
Massive use of a "forced perspective" again: All the depth in this work is a great fake, that works only from this camera-position. A lot of the plants were added with Paint Shop Pro X, and not directly rendered in the scene. The fog-effects at the edge of the jungle was done with PSP X too.
The quote from Alexander Skutch i found somewere on the WWW. As a owner of a Boa constrictor -who is really a personality of its own and clearly able to distinguish different people, calm and placid but bursting with curiosity about his surroundings- i was first a little bit pissed off that a well respected ornithologist had really said such a nonsense... But on the other side, this archaic 19th-century view on snakes would fit very well to my Sucuriju-series who was made with the intention to re-enact all the old fashioned monster-farytales about snakes too ;-)

Work 24 of the Sucuriju-series
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Belerophone Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
sehr gut gemacht.aber wie geht es weiter. werden die beiden
eine art liebespaar?
Belerophone Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
sehr gut gemacht aber wie geht es weiter? wird sie eina art Priesterin?
ancestorsrelic Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So im Groben habe ich mir das auch gedacht. Hier ist die Sucuriju-serie soweit wie inzwischen fertiggestellt in Reihenfolge: [link]
Das ist alles etwas konfus, da nicht direkt geplant, sondern eher "gewachsen". Zur Zeit mache ich eine kleine Pause, die Story (z.Z. bei Episode 54) geht aber auf jeden Fall weiter.
epicshadowpuppy Featured By Owner May 24, 2011
i can tell that chic is going to die.
Duzloo Featured By Owner May 24, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Wow, spannend und ein echt super Bild! :D

Gefällt mir mehr als die brutalen "sexy-Frau-wird-gefressen"-Bilder! :D
ancestorsrelic Featured By Owner May 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sexy Frau.... ooooch joooo.... Sucuriju stellt schon gewisse Ansprüche an seine Beute... Sowas wie z.B. Renate Künast wäre -wenn Sucuriju nicht gerade wirklich kurz vorm Verhungern wäre- bestimmt absolut sicher ;-)
Aber es stimmt schon, ich will die Story langsam mal in eine etwas komplexere Richtung bekommen, und Sucuriju braucht langsam ein wenig Unterstützung von jemandem, der ihn und seine hmmm... Essensvorlieben versteht.
P.S. Thanks für den fav :bow:
Duzloo Featured By Owner May 25, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Letztendlich ist er ja nur hungrig :XD:
Renate Künast ist halt auch viel zu fettig, das tut ihm nicht gut. Ansonsten würd er im nächsten FLuss ja untergehn :P

Immer gerne! :hug:
theblock Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
Yeah I agree with you on that old quote. I mean, why should we think animals express joy when eating? Doesn't make sense, they eat to survive, not for pleasure like us humans :roll:, what did he write for Christian Science!? I think if animals express joy when eating it's more disturbing, I remember see on a documentary a pack of hyenas taking down a young zebra and making that horrible cackling sound as they rip its throat out..creepy!
I like how this story is playing out, even though she's keeping a distance right now, you just know she'll get too curious and try to get up close and bam, constriction city, population: her :lol:!
cato84 Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
Sucuriju is back! Great!
I'm curius about the building: is it the same of
"the bride of the monster"?
ancestorsrelic Featured By Owner May 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, the buildings were made by different 3D-artist. Both models are available at [link], but i have modified both in a lot of details. In "Bride of the Monster" i used the "PDA Sun-Temple", or a part of it, for the sacrify-stones. The stones/engravings of it were extensively modified by me with the Maya/Aztec-style inscriptions.
The model in this work is the "Palenque-Ruins", fitted into the "Heart of the Jungle"-Cyclorama (availabme at [link] too). Wasn't easy to fit this two models seamless, because both were made by different artists with different color-settings of the ground and grass.
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